International Nurses Day

2. 6. 2016

Dear nurses, female and male assistants, distinguished medical professionals,

Today, on the occasion of the International Nurses Day, all of us acknowledge the importance

and indispensability of your profession. I would like to join all the others in congratulating

you, greeting you and thanking you which you would certainly deserve to hear each and every


I highly appreciate your demanding self-sacrificing work which I had the chance to get to

know first-hand in situations which were often times very hard for me. In the haste and hurry

of everyday life you may feel like your work is merely an exhausting and arduous routine. I

would like to assure you and to remind you that apart from this exhausting and arduous

routine your work, contrary to the work of most of other people, is extremely meaningful to

human beings and highly ethical.

Let me thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Dagmar Havlová

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