Artefact Heart for Václav Havel

20. 10. 2016

On the occasion of the 80th birthday of President Vaclav Havel Ms Dagmar Havlová came up with an idea to honour the memory of her husband and his jubilee. After the idea to install somewhere a reminder of the Czech president she addressed the director of the National Theatre in Prague, Jan Burian, director of the National Theatre Drama Section Michal Dočekal, and they agreed on a location known as ‘piazzetta’. A family friend, the sculptor Kurt Gebauer, prepared several proposals for works of art that would serve as representatives of this plan. Of the proposals submitted by Professor Gebauer created, they agreed to work consisting of a red specially illuminated heart and three ‘hearts in a cage’. The artefact is named ‘A Heart for Václav Havel’ and its creation is funded by the Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation Vision 97. Unveiling of the work will take place on October 4 at 17:00  in Václav Havel Square.

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