Public collection started for missing bell ‘Václav’

15. 8. 2016

On Saturday, 13 August 2016 Ms Dagmar Havel received at Hrádeček the first itinerant bell  ‘Václav’.

“Let the bell trigger in all people of good will the memory of my husband and pave the way for the bell ‘Václav’ whose peal from the Church of Saint Havel will call believers together and remind people that the legacy of Václav Havel is still alive.”

With these words, Ms Dagmar Havlová sent a message to the people who loved Václav Havel in support of the campaign raising funds for the production of the missing bell ‘Václav’ in the Church of Saint Havel.

Other bells will be distributed to people who had a close relationship with Václav Havel and they can send them to other personalities. At the end of the road they will be auctioned for the benefit of a public gathering organized by the Charter 77 Foundation, where the idea was dreamed up by its vice-chairman, Mr Evžen Hart.

Ms Dagmar Havlová gave the bell to Fero Fenič.

“This commemoration of the birth of Václav Havel is considered one of the most successful and I would like to give the bell to a man I admire and respect. This is why I give the bell Fenič, and after two months, when it comes back to me, I would like to hand it in person to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who is linked to Václav Havel by a strong bond.”

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